Beautiful Creatures by Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl

Beautiful Creatures… what can I say? There was plenty of romance in it and I couldn’t tell how she’d turn until the end. But, I felt the ending left something to be desired.

I felt like the authors, Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl got the Small Southern town setting just right. All the secrets, gossiping, the “War of Northern Aggression” and the “in” crowds like the DAR and the Guardian Angels… Ethan felt a little bland to me- and a friend of mine pointed out how much he noticed clothing, like a girl would. It gave away that A.) two women wrote it and B.) it was meant for girls only.

Edward Cullen Similarity Ranking: (Spoilers Included) 3 0f 10

I couldn’t tell how Lena was “different” from the others I’ve read in the past six months. Like Bella, she was a bid bland, if it weren’t for her family. She finally got interesting towards the end when the cheerleaders gave her a tiny metallic purse and she immediately tossed it in the fire.

Then, she was “a rebel.” It was like how in Not Another Teen Movie she dressed differently so that made her a rebel and that made her different.

Ethan gave up everything for her, which is a big no-no wherever you go, like how Bella gave up her own friends and hobbies the moment she fell in love with Edward.

The relationships were slightly different than Edward and Bella. It wasn’t la la la la la, OMG, I’m in love. It was a relationship that built up over time.

Overall Rating: 7 of 10

I wish they had told it in 3rd person from Ethan’s point of view instead of 1st person. One of the characters I wish they had expanded on was Larkin. Why did everybody think he wasn’t going to go Dark and why couldn’t they tell? I felt like Ridley was an interesting character, too, but she got more and more time. Uncle Macon was pretty stereotypical Southern Gentleman and I wondered why he was a dark creature, but was on the side of the light. Hopefully, it will be explained in time. I’m looking forward to the sequel out October 13th, Beautiful Darkness. I’m left wondering if Lena turned Dark or if she’s going to go towards the Light.


~ by whattoreadaftertwilight on July 11, 2010.

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