City of Ashes by Cassandra Clare

The novel was fun, and better mapped out than City of Bones. The gang is back with a new wolfpack that Luke, or Lucian, is in charge of as Alpha and fun new character in Maia.

In City of Ashes, after Jace has been kicked out by his foster mother in Maryse Lightwood, he attempts to make a life for himself in the real world, but immediately aggravates the lycan community. As a fight ensues, someone is assaulted outside the bar. He is incarcerated by the Inquisitor, who sends him to the City of the Bones underground with the Silent Brothers to get him to admit what he did. His night alone is terrifying when one of the Silent Brothers is killed and drops dead inside his cell. Valentine appears, holding the Mortal Sword. With a little bit of teen Downworlder Sluething, they figure out that he must bathe the sword in the blood of four different types of Downworld creatures to become unstoppable.

Similarity Ranking: 0 of 10

It’s not at all like Twilight, more like Harry Potter.

Worth Reading: 8 of 10

I give it this score because the kids figured it out right off the bat, there was no decoy or red herring. It was a little too Harry Potter, too.


~ by whattoreadaftertwilight on July 6, 2010.

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