The Mediator: Haunted by Meg Cabot

In the 5th and installment of the Mediator series, Haunted, Suze begins her first day of her junior year at the Mission School. Everything’s going great, she’s got a new designer wardrobe she bought herself, and she’s got her license to drive!

Of course, it all comes crashing down when Paul Slater shows up and her step-brother Brad decides to have a kegger around the new hot tub while their parents are out of town.

Suze can’t believe her bad luck- Paul is the most arrogant, selfish mediator Suze has ever met. To make matters worse, her oldest stepbrother brings home a friend who’s got a straggler- an angry older brother ghost.

While she tries to sort out the haunting, she must deal with Paul, whom Father Dom let in because “everybody deserves a second chance.” Suze realizes that she’s falling in love with Jesse, but can’t stop it.


Paul offers some evidence about how he and Suze are really “shifters.” Suze, thinking of how this affects her and Jesse, goes with him. At his only partially-conscious grandpa’s home on the coast, he shows her old drawings and articles supporting his evidence by a doctor named Slaski.  It looks like “shifters” can go to different times and dimensions, not to mention, see ghosts.

Of course, Paul puts the moves on Suze and she loses her head for a moment, but regains sensibility when she realizes she can’t be in love with Paul. Herein lies the love triangle.

I think my favorite part of the book was when Paul and Jesse got into a fight at the kegger.

And then, we get a new insight to Paul’s ability at the end, when Grandpa Slater is wheeled up and tells Suze, “Don’t listen to him. He’s got it all wrong. Suze, you have the ability. But it’ll kill you. Maybe not right away, but eventually” admitting his real name was Dr. Slaski.

Edward Cullen Similarity Rating:

Love Triangle: Got it

So, 1 out of 10.

Overall rating?

We get a lot of excitement here. I’m going to give it 9 out of 10. Just because my favorite book in the series is up next, Twilight/Darkest Hour!


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