Shadow Kiss by Richelle Mead

After the fateful ending of Frostbite, where Rose has taken out two Strigoi in Spokane, she has gotten her first two Molijna marks, tattoos designating that she had killed two Strigoi. In the process, she had lost a friend in Mason. Mason was killed by the Strigoi, proving that Mead is not afraid to kill her own beloved characters, indicating a bloodbath in the future.

On the plus side, Dimitri turned down Moroi Tasha Ozera’s offer for a guardianship- a guardianship that might have been okay-ed to yield a relationship so Tasha could have a Dhampir baby with him. His reasoning- his heart is with Rose, not Tasha.

As Rose continues her training, they begin a guardian exercise where she’s assigned to a Moroi at the school and the trainers pretend to be Strigoi at odd moments to catch the Dhampirs off guard, she does NOT get assigned to Lissa. She gets assigned to Christian instead of Lissa like she expected. She’s never considered that she’ll be a guardian for anybody other than Lissa with their spirit bond, it’s shocking. She must adjust and figure out how to guard different Moroi.

They are sent to the Royal Court to meet the Queen with Lissa. On the way, Rose begins to see Ghosts and Demons and she doesn’t know what it is. Upon arriving at court, they learn a few things. As they arrive home, Rose can see Mason’s ghost, who seems to be warning her of something in the woods near St. Vladimir’s Academy.

Tasha Ozera makes another appearance, which I cheered for. I like her. She’s pretty kick-ass for a Moroi.

Through the story, Rose discovers the true meaning of the term “Shadow Kissed” and how it applies to herself and Lissa.

I’m not going to do the Edward Cullen similarity ranking since this overall story arc is proving to be so different.

I’ll just do spoilers:


Rose isn’t the reason things are happening. She’s observing more than anything and trying to help the forces of good while finding out that the world isn’t all black-and-white. She grows immensely through the series and learns about love and sacrifices. She is definitely a dynamic character.

Tasha says that the Moroi shouldn’t sacrifice their Dhampirs at age sixteen to add more protection, but proposes scandalously that the Moroi should fight beside the Dhampirs like they used to against the Strigoi and stop being so passive in their safety. It all makes sense to me- and I see some reflections in modern society today. She embodies this by knowing how to physically fight and use her magical power. Despite the indignity the Moroi society puts on her for being the sister of a Moroi who chose to be Strigoi, she doesn’t let that bring her down. She fights on. She’s a survivor. GO TEAM TASHA OZERA!

I love the chemistry between Rose and Dimitri, but Adrian still shows up in Rose’s dreams. I like Adrian at this point in the series, but I feel like he’s horning on Rose and Dimitri territory. I think that’s kinda rude. He’s like the Robert Downey Jr. of the series- blessed because of his birth and status and talent, but lets drugs and alcohol get in the way. But he’s still a badass and I like him.

As for Rose and Dimitri, I think we were all holding our breath for them to consumate the relationship, but when they did, bad things happened. I think that’s a message for the younger readers- forbidden and taboo relationships can end terribly with a lot of devastation. I was heartbroken when in the cave, he was taken and forced to become Strigoi.

Christian proves to be a strong fighter as well when the Strigoi ambush St. Vladimir’s. He uses his fire power to help destroy the attackers along with Rose’s ass-kicking skills when St.Vladimir’s comes under attack. He ads to the idea that Moroi should learn to fight alongside the Dhampirs to ensure their survival. I think it took a lot of heart and strength to go against the norm, but then again, he’s been an outcast since his parents took the path they did, scandalizing the family.

And I finally came to like Mia. Mia was a complete brat during Vampire Academy.

There were minor characters introduced that wanted to be Moroi fighters alongside the Dhampirs that I liked a lot like Jill.

Overall ranking: 10 out of 10 stars

Why am I giving it so many stars? Because this series keeps getting better and better, that’s why!


~ by whattoreadaftertwilight on June 7, 2010.

2 Responses to “Shadow Kiss by Richelle Mead”

  1. Hey! I agree with you! 10 out of 10! I love this series! I could, however, do without Dimitri’s funky duster jacket. That is my only complaint about the entire series. In fact, if I were to write a review about the series, I’d focus 90% of it on the ugly jacket that distracts me from Dimitri’s sexiness! I think a part of my soul died when Dimitri was changed – HONEST! It still hurts to think about it. I’m dying to comment on the next book but I won’t just in case you haven’t read it yet!
    Great review!
    I’ve only read 4 chapters of the newest book just because life is so busy right now! It’s killing me to see it collecting dust on my nigh stand.

  2. I havent read “shadow kissed” yet and i want to SOOOOOOO bad. That sucks anout dimitri. i felt i was in love with him too. poor rose. how will she cope? so time for my favorite motto. LIFES A BITCH.

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