Frostbite by Richelle Mead

Frostbite begins with Rose and her trainer Dimitri going to meet Arthur Schoenberg, a legendary guardian, for her qualifier. During their long drive to the Moroi home that he works for, they have a long conversation about what went down in Vampire Academy between the two of them, among other things. They arrive and discover the entire Moroi family, plus Arthur, were slaughtered by Strigoi. Rose discovers a silver stake, the only means of effectively killing a Strigoi without decapitation or burning them, thrown through the debris so the Strigoi could cross, breaking the magical barrier. Since Strigoi can’t touch the stakes, it means that humans are aiding the Strigoi.

Thus instigates the Vampire Community going on High Alert through the Holidays. Instead of sending the kids at St. Vladimir’s home for the Winter Holidays, they are sent to a ski lodge, where they can be guarded effectively against Strigoi. During the first few days of the Winter Holiday, it’s made public that Mia’s mother has been killed by Strigoi. She is noticeably upset and begins to discuss things that Moroi can do to fight against Strigoi with others.

Rose meets a very swaggery-type royal named Adrian Ivashkov, nephew to the queen, who shows an immediate interest in her and then becomes friends with Lissa since they are both Spirit users. Tasha Ozera is introduced, Christian’s sole remaining relative, his Aunt. I liked her the most- she’s Moroi, was attacked by Christian’s parents as they turned and is now scarred, but she is tough and smart and likeable, although she strikes a sour note with Rose when she becomes friends with Dimitri. She is definitely one of my favorite characters in the series. She plants the idea that Moroi should go back to their old ways of fighting along side the Dhampirs instead of making the Dhampirs do all the work to ensure their survival.

Things get out of control when Mia, Eddie and Mason sneak out of the ski lodge to hunt down Strigoi themselves. Rose and Christian must stop them before they become Strigoi dinner.

Similiarities to Twilight:

The similarities seem to be fading away with this engrossing series. Richelle Mead has over 100 characters she’s keeping straight in her head that are all individuals and non-stereotypical, like JK Rowling. I know Stephenie has been called America’s JK Rowling, but story-wise, she didn’t have that many characters through the entire series like JK did. And there was no real practical magic, asides from Shapeshifting and Vampires. They didn’t work magic in the Twilight Saga to manipulate the outcome of the story. The supernatural was just there. Magic is part of the community in the Vampire Academy novels- and Spirit is beginning to be recognized as a part of the Moroi community. And I like Rose- she’s funny and kicks ass. Bella was wishy-washy and whiny.

The Edward Cullen Similarity rating:

Vampires: Check, but the Strigoi are caratoid-chomping villans. The Moroi are the classy, better-than-you blue bloods who drink blood, but are really kinda nasty underneath it all.

Mind-Reading: It’s there, but only between Lissa and Rose.

So I give it: 2 out of 10 in similarity.

Overall readability: 9 out of  10. This series is completely worth the read!

Next up: Shadow Kiss, Vampire Academy #3 by Richelle Mead


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