Richelle Mead’s Vampire Academy

vampireacademyVampire Academy by Richelle Mead has become one of the most popular teen vampire books in YA literature post Twilight. So far there are four books in the series; Vampire Academy, Frostbite, Shadowkiss, and Blood Promise. We’ll be reviewing Vampire Academy.

Let’s overlook the cheesy cover and graphics, shall we? I know, I know, it’s not nearly as pretty as any of the Twilight covers. But as the saying goes, don’t judge a book by it’s cover.

We’ve got damphir Rosemary Hathaway and her best friend for life, a Moroi, Lissa Dragomir. There is a division in the polite vampire society; The damphirs and the Moroi. The damphirs are the bodyguards and the Moroi are the royalty with special powers. The Moroi are usually lazy rich people who just depend on the damphirs to cover their asses. Rose and Lissa ran away from St. Vladimir’s Academy two years ago, but get caught and brought back by force. Rose is punished and forced to do extra training sessions with a very sexy damphir guardian named Dimitri. Rawr. Hey, I’ll take extra training with him ANYDAY. The Strigoi are vampires who give up all emotions and magic and drink blood of Moroi and damphir and humans to kill, making Moroi a dying breed, making the damphirs even more put upon, because even still, the Moroi are, in general too lazy to fight.

There is a huge cast of supporting characters that Mead has fleshed out and expanded mead1on. It’s not predictable, I can tell you that much. I felt a bit confused trying to read the book at first. I felt like Mead had this incredible universe created, she just had a hard time getting it down on paper clearly at first. It was much more clearly explained in Frostbite and the later novels. I also felt like the ending with Lissa’s Uncle was rushed, but then again, I also felt like Mead wrote the book and then had to split it up into two separate books, maybe, Vampire Academy and then Frostbite. But, obviously, it’s a series, so it works out well. I was quite pleased with it when I finished each novel.

Similarities to Twilight:

Honestly, I don’t see that many similarities to Twilight and that’s what made the series so enjoyable to me. It was very different and well-thought out. Rose is extremely funny and likable, if not enjoyably sarcastic. There is some empathic activity: Rose can read Lissa’s thoughts, which makes her a better guardian, like Edward can read thoughts. But one thing was, Mead gives us more sex than Meyer ever did in the Twilight series, but does it in a classy, non-explicative kind of way. It’s no bodice ripper, but it doesn’t do the fade-to-black. Rose grows as a character, too, which I liked; she learns a few lessons along the way, like running away with Lissa was exposing them to Strigoi dangerously and could have killed Lissa, whereas Bella’s only lesson she learned through the Twilight series was about loving someone completely.

The Edward Cullen similarity ranking:

Vampires: Check

Mind reading: Check

So, I give it 2 out of 10.

Extremely enjoyable? YES!! READ IT!!


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